About Hospitality and Health

Hospitality and Health is a non-profit organization created with the mission of contributing to the progress and welfare of our society sustainable encouraging and promoting the development of the Balearic as a health destination of excellence.

The goal is to collaborate and propose solutions to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships to contribute to growth, innovation and development of the Islands, as well as its national and international projection.

You want to harness the creativity and innovation, managing with vision, integration and integrity, to achieve and maintain its achievements in a sustainable way.

Intended as a meeting point and cooperation of companies from different areas:

  • Health Travel
  • health
  • hotel industry
  • Innovation

In close collaboration with its partners, AHH works to identify opportunities for improvement and encourage these companies. Knowledge of its Associates is offered as advice.

Our goals

    • To cooperate in the improvement and modernization of the health system in the Balearics.
    • To facilitate the introduction of innovation in health and social services in order to contribute to building sustainable and innovative systems of health.
    • To promote the healthy development of the Balearic Islands as destination of excellence.
    • Assist in the solution of the major problems of health and the health of EU citizens moving.
    • To encourage simplification, avoiding the administrative bureaucracy and encouraging communication of patients, professionals and family.
    • Advocate for the free movement of persons and the free choice of doctors and facilities.
    • To aid in achieving care accessible, high quality, safe, effective and sufficient in our territory.
    • Contribute to strengthen the core values ??of hospitality, universality, access, equity, solidarity, trust, commitment and transparency.
    • Assist in obtaining an enforceable right to a second medical opinion.
    • Provide access, also from a cross-border dimension to quality health care and safe for the citizens of the EU and other countries.
    • Optimize human and technological resources encouraging efficiency.
    • To propose innovative solutions in healthcare management. Engaging with stakeholders with a commitment to transparency and reporting on progress.
    • To identify, disseminate and promote cost-effective prevention measures and promote good health.
    • Support research in health innovation, development and competitiveness.
    • To promote cooperation among providers, institutions and agents in these areas. Interact with suppliers on “mutual benefit” and facilitate their participation to support the strategy and leadership of the association.
    • To facilitate the development, implementation and dissemination of products and companies Technology-ICT-Information and Communication in the field of medicine (telemedicine, e-health, ….) To improve the work of professional and facilitate access for patients.
    • To promote health as a growth engine for the region. Support initiatives generating wealth and employment projects.
    • To promote studies of health economics and outcomes assessment with transparency.
    • Encourage forums, conferences, international meetings related to the purpose in the Balearics.
    • Join business groups or clusters of health.
    • To promote debate and knowledge transfer between social, health and economic agents.
    • By nature devote special attention to the treatment of health and social issues while maintaining an attitude of respect for the decisions of public government democratically elected by the people, while expressing and highlighting opinions and initiatives to ensure the fundamental rights of the assistance.
    • establish itself as a reference and interlocutor on issues of medical tourism.
    • Be location and meeting place of the best companies specialized in Health and Medical and Health Tourism.
    • Ensure rapprochement, cooperation and maximum synergy among its members.
    • To promote, to achieve the aims and activities, ethical conduct and a reference model.

Who are the founders?

“Hospitality and Health” is a non-profit association promoted by professionals from various sectors (health specialists, Hospitality, Information Technology, economists, entrepreneurs ..) which aims to enhance the medical, scientific and technological efforts of the various professional establishments Baleares to spread the unique characteristics of this region (Mediterranean) prime destination des prominent health tourism.

Our specialization

Medical travel
Healthy travel
Health management
New Technologies